Thursday, 25 October 2007

SL Groups

Some groups I found in SL that might be relevant:

Disability Support Workers Int.
18 visible members.

For people working in the field of disability, looking for a place to chat, relax and unwind.

Join us to talk about anything from strategies to songwriters, legislation to landscaping :)

This group is only a few days old, I'll be trying to get the word out IRL ASAP !! :)

-Filter Miles

Disabled SL-Peoples Association
15 visible members

A group for physical disabled people.

Founded by the Dane Arcadian Meili for handicapped and physical disabled bodys or people.

You have to be 18+ to join and the invite you will get from the group owner, Arcadian Meili. Send an Instant Message and tell why you wanna join.

People without disabilities can become members but need a VERY good reason.

Purpose of the group is:
1: as a community for disabled
2: communication between disabled and care givers or other people in the healthcare area
+ more.

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