Monday 21 September 2009

Audio Game Maker

I just came across a game creation tool that I thought readers might be interested in. It's called Audio Game Maker and is designed for visually impaired users.

Sounds interesting. Let me know if you try it out!


Anonymous said...

It has been out some time, people generally found it too buggy and inflexible. I didn't try it myself though so this is just what I recall hearing everyone saying. Mainstream game makers had a similar problem about ten years ago or so I believe. They couldn't get the funding to make an updated version to address some of the issues in AGM either.

On the other hand of small interest and relevance to this blog's original intent is, a very rudimentary SL client that interfaces with Jaws. I've tried it and it isn't much better for us than a chat client with some awkward navigation features, but it is a beginning I hope. It doesn't rely on an awkward web interface either, I never could get my head around the whole Kestrel thing.

Craig, AKA CX2 at

Unknown said...

I didn't even know such a thing existed until I came to your blog. Recently, I've heard about this artificial vision device that helps partially sighted people "read" on their own. Although this technology was originally created for visual disability, it does work for people who have reading difficulties, dyslexia or low vision.