Friday, 30 November 2007

Disability in SL

The BBC disability website, Ouch! discuss some of the appeal of SL in Staying in is the New Going Out
A new nightlcub called Wheelies officially opens its doors this Friday, the 1st September, at 9pm UK time.

Owned by Simon Stevens, who has cerebral palsy, Wheelies aims to make guests feel comfortable about disability as well as dancing, drinking and just plain having a good time.

And in the comments, Kopilo Hallard quite rightly says,
The point is that he couldn't go out and socialise and SL gives him a platform so that he can meet his needs (ie socialisation) even in his current physical state.

This gives him an escape from reality, a breath from being physically unable to do things.

Besides that point, SL is a great way to network with people from all over the world. To gain perspectives which may not be abled to be gained in the geographical region due to culture, social or other conforms.

Also SL gives developing artists both music, graphic, programming, etc a way of having more exposure which they can not just gain in their day to day life, if you like in a similar way to myspace, except the music can be played live.

Additionally, on the SLED mailing list, Jeff Hiles (Farley Scarborough in SL) recommends,
In addition to the many articles on the Web about Simon Stevens and his
Wheelies night club, you may want to look at Fez Rutherford's blog,
"2nDisability." He has created avatar animations that simulate disabilities.

Also, Cubey Terra has made three very nice wheelchairs that are available free at the GNUbie Store at Indigo. They are down the ramp and to the left.

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